About Steve Carr

Steve is a teacher and double Masters graduate from the Tavistock Clinic. He works with teachers, leaders and organisations helping them foster open, productive and reciprocal relationships that allow clearer communication between teachers and pupils and between leaders and managers. He also works with individual teachers and leaders as a coach.

It was Steve’s experiences as a teacher that led him to study the impact of emotions on teaching and learning and then to expand that investigation to how emotions affect whole organisations. Steve has many years’ experience of teaching and leading in the public sector in secondary education. In the current educational context, he has successfully led and transformed results in core subjects. He has led and trained staff and management groups in collaborative approaches to classroom management through his ‘Six Lessons’ programme.

His aim is to return commitment, resilience and creativity to individuals, teams and organisations to help them focus purposefully on the task at hand and to help put human understanding back at the heart of education.

“...Steve is a great facilitator of learning. By asking some very deep and troubling questions he made me reflect deeply about my practice as a teacher. By being honest and open, he has a unique quality teachers can trust...”


Steve Carr is a double Masters graduate from the Tavistock Clinic specialising in the impact of emotions on Schools and School Leaders