Individual coaching

Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet! Managing teachers and Leading schools can be just as stressful. With a focus on results at any cost is it any wonder that teachers are leaving the profession in droves or that 40% of head teachers suffer challenges to their mental health. By helping to bring clarity and focus to their role in the school, coaching develops resilience and effectiveness in teachers, managers and leaders, clearing the path to personal and professional goals. Coaching can be requested by individuals facing particular challenges or suggested by line managers and leaders as part of performance management.

Sessions are conducted one to one with a clear aim decided at the outset. Clients agree to a minimum of three sessions and a maximum of six. Coaching sessions last between 50 and 90 minutes and use Helena Running’s ‘Six Domains’ coaching model as a framework. Clients can expect a coach that “gets alongside” them, who understands the expectations of teacher and leadership standards but more than that , is empathetic to the important but challenging work they do.

“Steve's experienced coaching has allowed me to reflect on my teaching practice in a more holistic and effective way. His sessions have meant that as part of the senior leadership team, I am more mindful about how I approach staff and how my leadership affects them” Lauren, Head of Teaching and Learning.