This consultancy is born out of Steve Carr’s life experience in teaching and more recently as a double Masters graduate from the Tavistock Clinic specialising in the impact of emotions on organisations. Every teacher knows that emotions affect children’s learning. But how do emotions affect your role as a teacher or those in your team or staff? Schools often cling to the narrative that anyone who wants to take emotions seriously isn’t serious about “getting things done”’. This could not be further from the truth.

Using an understanding of human emotional development as our framework, we offer three specialised areas of consultancy aimed at teachers leaders and management teams:

Consulting aimed at helping management teams – both middle and senior leaders – who face demands that are affecting their morale, productivity and effectiveness.

Individual coaching that helps clients to evolve or just move through a particularly challenging phase.

Training teachers aimed at transforming classroom management using a bespoke workshop of 6 “lessons” focusing on children’s emotional development.

"A simple understanding of the emotional dynamics alive in the classroom, staffroom or board room can have seismically positive consequences for all school leaders and every learner. To ignore it…well it’s just crazy!"