Training teachers

Using a bespoke framework which focuses on children’s developmental stages and emotional needs. This training improves teacher’s experience in the classroom. The learning enhances classroom management and helps create a positive, co-operative and productive learning environment for teachers and their students. As well as maximizing potential for student results, the training attends to teacher’s well-being, enriches teacher’s engagement with their work and so aids whole school commitment. As such it has a positive effect on both staff absence and staff retention. Courses have been attended by experienced teachers as well offered as part of in school NQT training. The course has also been used by schools as a way of supporting teachers who are experiencing challenging classes.

In groups, through our ‘Six Lessons’ programme, we reconnect teachers to the emotional landscape of the classroom. We help them understand and manage pupils’ emotions and their own emotional selves. We do this through a practical workshop based approach that offers key understanding of human psychology. This transforms teacher’s approach to the teacher/pupil dynamic and places pupils behavior within the framework of emotional development.

“I believe that psychodynamic training is sorely lacking in teacher training, probably the biggest thing we can learn. I love these sessions. I feel the most alive all week as a practitioner after them!” Mike, NQT